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“If you have the time to hang around, you’ll discover a city that is brimming with personality, attitude and food. When I came into cycling, there was such a huge transition in learning and navigating that sort of politics and snobbery. Kalifa Coulibaly (Mali) right footed shot from the centre of the box misses to the right. Saturday 17th May - senior women's team final (13:00-14:40) Graeme Souness, who played alongside Verdi at Montreal while on loan from Tottenham, recommended his team-mate to Spurs boss Bill Nicholson. I've had four fantastic years at Leicester and experienced so many high points with them. All of the top gymnasts performed to their maximum. If you're a young person and you're sending a message to someone, the default way to break up your thoughts is to send each thought as a new message, she says. He had copied many of the images and videos he had found and kept the material at his home. West Ham 2-0 Norwich: Manuel Pellegrini very happy with 'massive' Hammers performance - BBC Sport Japan have played in the Copa before - failing to navigate their group in 1999 - while Qatar are making their debut. Because there wasn't a lot of opportunities in the game, you know it's going to be a tight one, so you have to see that phase out. Amnesty International has also called for an impartial inquiry. Documenting contemporary Aboriginal values and beliefs is also ongoing. Assisted by Virgil van Dijk. Plymouth say rapid strides towards the rude health of sustainability have been made since his arrival in 2016. New episodes of the classic anthology show will air on the CBS All Access streaming service. Hopefully, I am still young enough to build on that figure and achieve some more milestones. She brings so much experience. With millions still uninsured - and forgoing care because they cannot afford treatments - Medicare for All would ensure healthcare is a right for all Americans. Mr Asprey says he is unconcerned by such criticism, and points to other health professionals who say that diets high in fat - and low in sugar - are good for you. Iroko is an incredibly durable, hard-wearing timber. Young added that he had taken up the issue with Education Secretary Michael Gove whose reaction, I was pleased to say, was attentive and encouraging. Rosalind Franklin was chosen by a UK-led panel who sifted through 35,844 suggestions. “There was a lot of snow that year! rdquo; he says. France: Medard; Penaud, Vakatawa, Guitoune, Raka; Ntamack, Serin; Poirot, Chat, Slimani, Gabrillagues, Vahaamahina, Lauret, Ollivon, Alldritt. After Elliott tucked away his 12th goal of the season he went over to hug joy-filled fans. M27 Hampshire - One lane closed and it's slow on M27 eastbound from J9, A27 (Segensworth) to J11, A27 (Fareham), because of a break down. elusive desert-adapted lion and elephant. Patrick Ryan, of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, said the abuse was a moment of madness when his victim confronted him by phone, a court heard. The warning was emailed to staff by chief executive Rupert Hogg on Monday. Liu Xiaobo was also serving a prison sentence for subversion when he won the peace prize.

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Sea Kayaks For Sale And Shanghai Shengli forward Francisca Ordega, a team-mate in the national side, thinks Nigeria has a long way to go in order to change these perceptions of women's football. The insurgents are estimated to have so far killed more than 200 people and burnt more than 600 houses in the gas-rich northern province. However it is unclear what will happen to them even if they lose the appeal as India has no official treaty with Bangladesh in relation to cross-border illegal immigration. And two people said they were given promotions without contracts, claiming that they were carrying out managerial roles while being underpaid for the work they were doing. Chile forward Sanchez arrived from Arsenal in a swap deal involving Henrikh Mkhitaryan in January 2018, but the 30-year-old has managed five goals in 45 games during a miserable spell. The absolutist free speech ethos also attracted people who want to announce their violent plans. Jordi Aláez (Andorra) is shown the yellow card. Authorities have told unregistered migrants to return to the province they are registered in, as part of a bid to relieve pressure on the city. Oldham Athletic 2, Grimsby Town 0. Could there be some kind of deal in which North Korea promises to halt all work at its nuclear facility at Yongbyon, and allow inspections in return for some kind of sanctions relief? But five minutes before half-time they fought their way back into the battle, Danny Care's quick tap-penalty and slaloming run towards the post creating space out wide for Brown to finish brilliantly through a tangle of French arms and bodies. DHC said it would be identifying a new provider with the aim of continuing to provide a locally run service operated by local staff. Jose Mourinho is the most successful manager in the modern day game, trophies-wise. The Scottish government has defended its record on health spending. Hampson tells BBC East Midlands Today what the centre means to him and how the physical, practical and emotional support changes the lives of the people that use it. Neymar opened the scoring for the Ligue 1 champions before setting up Angel di Maria to make it 2-0. The volcano has started to rebuild itself since the collapse. By the 1900s, the But families in North Yorkshire, Birmingham and East Sussex are taking central government to court over the way it provides funding to local authorities for special needs. The idea that art would somehow speak He put his arm around me and made sure I was all right. Allan Smith (Edinburgh City) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. Tinned fish Okinawa, often called ‘the land of immortals’, has been a global centre for longevity research A driver captured dramatic footage of straw bales toppling off a lorry in front of his vehicle. Sri Lanka's game against Pakistan at Bristol on 7 June was also washed out. Black Protesters have also staged flash events in shopping malls, singing Glory to Hong Kong which has become an unofficial anthem of the movement. Queen of the South face Dunfermline in their first home game in the Scottish Championship on Saturday afternoon. 'We showed our character' - Duffy pleased after Swiss draw - BBC Sport With 4km to go Reid was the next to drift away and, as they came through transition for the final time, Stimpson tried to stretch the pace further, dropping the dangerous Jackson and hurting Hewitt. Do you want it? He said paramedics and doctors who initially examined the student had checked him for head injuries. Does this drug under the right conditions eventually change the way that the brain itself is interacting with its own nicotine receptors? That's something that very well could be happening.

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Youngest Father Ever Prof Mullis said that the success of Asian countries reflected the coherence of their approach and a culture steeped in education. But sources told the BBC that a full merger - to create a single company - was never on the cards. Dates usually kick off the feast, since the sugar- and vitamin-rich You can check that. European cities and many international destinations from Brussels On the flight from Queenstown to Auckland, stewardess Trudie insists the Auckland weather will be much more to the All Blacks' liking this weekend. Writing a blog on Wednesday, he said: All of us slept together in two rooms. Cathedrals are being used for huge art projects, like the Lumiere Festival which has seen enormous illuminations projected on to the exterior of Durham Cathedral while the interior hosted spectacular installations. Killer whale mother finally lets dead newborn calf go, after 17 days Stumbling through one of the tunnels, I wondered how soldiers could have possibly fought and lived in this pitch black, with bombs exploding overhead and machine guns firing. We are very concerned for its wellbeing and are keen to treat it as soon as possible to prevent infection and further injury and suffering. I spoke to Steph and, while playing in the same team as your best friend is a dream, it wasn't really about our friendship as such, White added. Mohamed Salah (Egypt) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. just west of Haarlem. But she did offer a final word of sisterly advice - sometimes you just have to be a bit more careful when a man wants to hold your hand. “It’s all to do with owning the language, which is what actors have to do to make the audience believe that these words are yours. The Blues then stood firm to see out the victory, as Paul Tisdale's side suffered their second successive league defeat. Their presence, while it revived what was a dying town, has met significant resistance. Demonstrations have taken place across the UK since the prime minister's decision to suspend Parliament in the run-up to Brexit. This is exciting and transformational, he said. This area suffered a mass shooting only in May, in which the pastor of this church lost his son. But, mentally, we showed we are the best team. Tanya says young black and Asian LGBT people need to experience a Pride which isn't whitewashed and very cis-gendered. Among northern India's Muslims too, cricket came to embody a new relationship with the political order established by British rule in the subcontinent. We used a spring out of Millersburg OH for years and then a barnyard was put in up high on the hill. Mr Pompeo's admission during a news conference in Italy came after media reported he was party to the conversation as well. Fundamentally though any manned mission beyond the Earth is about human endeavour and our spirit of exploration. warned cryptocurrency users in Uganda that they are not entitled to any consumer Part of business leaders’ frustration comes from the lack of national political consensus over how to tackle Sweden’s housing jam. Those Australians born after 1965 won’t be able to get their age pension until they’re 70, which will make Australians the oldest people to be able to access retirement benefits — if they get them. \The ejection is so quick – from pulling the ejection handle to being on the end of a fully deployed parachute can take maybe 2. to three seconds, depending on the type of seat,\ says Lewis. Trump: 'We're going to be guarding our border with military' Assisted by Luka Simunovic. The suggestion has attracted more than 27,000 votes in an online poll of names for the Royal Research ship, causing the website to crash. The Dutch now own a 14% stake in AirFrance-KLM, while France owns a 14. % stake, which makes them almost equal.


Oauth2 While Turkey is still in the running for the event, the UK is now seen as the clear favourite. At that point, the immune system usually curtails the infection. Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh beat Afghanistan to boost semi-final hopes - BBC Sport Granada CF 0, Celta de Vigo 2. The 2017 champions had not won since 11 August and had drawn two and lost four since Henry took over six weeks ago. I believe we were defeated by the best player, said Belgium coach Guy Thys. The females of several large and complex animals, such as lizards and sharks, can reproduce without males, a process called parthenogenesis – and now we’re realising it happens in the wild more often than we thought. This happens at Pride too. The Austin The family has called on the Windsor theme park to review its policies and to train its staff better on how to deal with disabled children. January to March is\nrainy season (14 inches on average through the period), but it is also when a\nlot of animals give birth. When asked on Twitter how he had forgotten the location of an event he has played in before, Robertson replied: A friend always drives me to qualifiers but he selfishly entered a Challenge Tour event this weekend. Warren Gatland's experimental team took a 10-0 lead thanks to Hallam Amos' try but Georgia defended well and were predictably powerful in the forwards. Gonzalo Higuain and substitute Paulo Dybala scored injury-time consolations. I can't remember who raised it first. Solstice Tour, and the week-long Belize Maya Heartland 2012 tour is There was only one way to find out: Martin-Baker built a number of rigs to test the effect of the upward compressive thrust on the body of a seated man shot up a near-vertical path. Even after paying cronies off, however, there still tends to be a lot of discretionary money left over, and that’s where the dictator’s character is really tested, according to academics like Bueno de Mesquita: he can either ferret that money away for himself and his supporters, or he can use it to better the lives of his citizens. A man has been arrested on the M6 on suspicion of stealing a caravan and vehicle. Wind-formed desert sand is too smooth for construction. But Three is confident that it has acquired more useful spectrum than its rivals, and when consumers really start to take an interest in 5G next year it will be well-placed to race ahead. Overlooking\nUnesco World Heritage Site the Valley of the Temples, Foresteria Baglio Della Luna dates back to the\n18th century. For all their mystery, the Marfa Lights somehow make sense here. Adam May replaces Keshi Anderson. Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: Working together is absolutely key to meet the financial challenges that we face. “They’ve positioned themselves in a different level of the market. While no-one suggests a market economy is perfect, it is the best system yet designed for making people steadily better off over time and underpinning strong and sustainable public services for everyone. Well, I don't think it's a question of a number. It is just always wanting to elevate, he said. The Man Cave has recently had its lease extended for another 10 years by the county council and there are plans to renovate the site. Group E features France, Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras. Assisted by Arjen Robben with a cross. Our food intake is driven towards meeting the needs of a pre-global [socially speaking] world, where people would have to walk to places, and where there would not be as many energy-saving activities as today. It provides some relief for investors amid a difficult backdrop for flotations. Projects runs two to12-week volunteer holidays with the Naankuse cheetah conservation project and Castleford Tigers: Rankin; Clare, Mata'utia, Blair, Egodo; Trueman, Ellis; Clarkson, McShane, Millington, Holmes, McMeeken, Massey.

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Stem Worksheets For 3Rd Grade Scotland plans to introduce a similar scheme and Northern Ireland has also expressed an interest. Overall ranking: #7 A quarter were injured, but whether or not they had normal foot posture, or they under- or over-pronated made no difference. Its roar was so loud it was like a thunder to me, he says, imitating the sound of the animal. Nick Broderick came to the UK as a baby with his mother, who travelled from pre-independence Jamaica on a British passport in 1962. \I turned a corner to see a tow truck stopped suddenly in front of me. We're running a marathon. {\image\:{\pid\:\p075dsmk\}} And recent polls suggest Likud could lose support and the ability to form a coalition if charges are levelled against the prime minister. Conceded by Oscar Wendt. Foul by Stephen Dooley (Rochdale). Earlier in November, the US government announced it had delayed its decision on the future of the pipeline project, and said it will consult further with the Sioux people. World Cup 2018: Diego Maradona apologises for saying England committed 'robbery' - BBC Sport Mr Trudeau said he was raising his sons and his daughter to be feminists. Pictures acquired with a synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) instrument like the one hosted on the ICEYE-X1 satellite show features on the ground even under night conditions and in the presence of cloud cover. As the greatest showman in Downing Street since his hero Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson knows how to create a drama. Ivory Coast and South Africa have been warned. We tried to play but after one minute we are 1-0 down and it's not so easy for our young team; we don't have a lot of experience in the Championship so we need to learn from this game. “The casting is on land, so there’s no construction in the ground in dirty wet holes,” says Miller. A210 London westbound severe accident, from Southend Crescent to Westmount Road. He is the son of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane who was shot dead in front of his wife and three children in 1989. First and foremost, it could reveal whether the other Williams children were at risk of passing on Gabby’s condition. “It’s quite a common situation for us,” a woman called Alisa tells me. Whitlock is an ad man's dream, an athlete whose star is constantly rising. M1 West Yorkshire - One lane closed and queues on M1 southbound from J46, A6120 (Leeds Colton) to J45, A63 (Leeds Cross Green), because of an accident. In Santiago centro, El Diablito (Little Devil), provides the perfect atmosphere to sip drinks, smoke cigarettes and chat with the new friends you just made. If I were single or lonely (I'm aware there's a difference), I could envisage enjoying the co-living experience. The government is in the process of increasing the amount of money people receive when they are in service. In recent weeks, a flurry of universities around the world have shut down programmes operated by the institute. Gerard Moreno replaces Carlos Bacca. Two years ago Canadian Conservative MP Gerry Ritz apologised to Ms McKenna after calling her climate Barbie. Some people live in mobile cabins, but rammed in-between them all are tents and tarpaulin sheets - homes for those who cannot obtain any official living space. Ms Sturgeon is seeking to make productive use of the ongoing period of confusion, by laying the groundwork for a poll and getting her party ready for the campaign. \nA slow trip down the\nworld’s second-longest river might mean unbearable monotony to some, but\nglorious immersion in nature’s timelessness to others. What’s next for Ai-chan, as her fans call her? Nakano mentions TV adverts, a global music festival that’s held online in VR and becoming a top idol in the virtual world. Dried iris bulbs are transported from Chianti here in large casks, then pulverised into a powder and mixed with water and alcohol to extract an absolute, a stronger version of the plant’s essential oil. and terrace complex that resembles a series of massive mushrooms, opened in the

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Houston County Jail Visiting Hours Perhaps most well-known of all are the remains of Tsewang Paljor, a young Indian climber who lost his life in the infamous 1996 blizzard. The reasons for that imbalance are widespread and UK Coaching is keen to stress the many social and health benefits offered by coaching beyond the development of elite sporting talent. Marco Polo Airport has direct flights to many European and international cities, while Treviso Airport, where budget airlines such as Ryanair fly to, is 30km to There are, of course, two very different reasons why people wear glasses – short-sightedness, or myopia, where things in the distance are blurry; and long-sightedness, or hyperopia, where you can’t focus on things close up. Rugby Union Weekly There were people coming and going all the time and when they drank they would fight, said Emadlina. Conceded by Leo Baptistao. Mr Birchall, who has been landlord of the pub for 16 years, said it had slipped in and out of the guide over a number of years. Swansea City: No ranting and raving here, says boss Steve Cooper - BBC Sport He is Celtic's second costliest signing behind £9m compatriot Odsonne Edouard who made his loan move from PSG permanent last summer. guests, artsy types and trendy baby boomers alike. They say people witness at least one miracle in their lives, but most do not even realise. “For frequent, long-distance travellers, their circadian systems are still trying to catch up when they are preparing to fly to the next destination,” he says. The duke was speaking to young people at a LGBT youth charity in London. Not in Brazil. This election saw not only the largest number of female candidates stand for election, the number of women who actually won was also the highest ever. “Coke was a really weird one because the rest of them were typically sugary lollies but the Coke one is almost volcanic and lava-y, and has this weird texture to it. No country has scored more goals from set-pieces than England at this tournament, so this could be a major advantage for Southgate's men. as The company is still selling the iPhone XR, along with the older iPhone 8, which will give consumers more choices and prices to choose from. To that end, the President, Executive Committee and staff of SLFA wish to express our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family and please know that we are also crying with you all in this moment of extreme sorrow and grief. {\image\:{\pid\:\p04m3b28\}} Image courtesy of Shirlaine Forest Photography To provide global internet coverage, there will need to be 648 units in orbit, but the ultimate number could rise to around 2,000. Munich is 500km from the coast and more\nthan 1,100km from any surfable ocean breaks. Councillor Daren Hale says: “This is a real game-changer for Hull. But while rule compliance is valued and rewarded in schools, by the time young women enter the professional arena it may start to work against them. As the South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela said, in reference to the state police, “Because we can’t beat these people physically, you can scare the shit out of them with our songs. Salford, however, have spent 2019 making a mockery of their underdog status. There are thought to have been 60 holders of the position since then. Event: 100m breaststroke As the names suggest, the former involves dropping the person from a lower height and leads to death by suffocation. We wish it would go away,” he wrote. Amid a period of great conflict between white colonists and Aborigines known as the Black War, Governor George Arthur said it was a fatal error a treaty had not been entered into with the Aboriginal people of what's now the Australian state of Tasmania, after white settlement had commenced some 30 years earlier. That's the best I've seen Rangers play in years. Rio 2016: Tom Daley dives to Olympic Bronze at London 2012 - BBC Sport Sener Ozbayrakli replaces Mariano.

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Point To Point Microwave Link Cost Thomas Cook boss: 'Our customers' holidays are secure' Ondrej Duda (Hertha Berlin) wins a free kick in the attacking half. And those who have examined the issue in detail point out that the figures don’t prove that mental health problems actually led the offenders in prison to commit their crimes. Washington's battle with Huawei exemplifies broader concerns about China's high-tech sector over the theft of intellectual property, illicit sales to Iran and espionage. In this gap, we've removed vegetation, like dry moss, leaves and twigs, anything combustible. So how does Anscombe feel Wales will fare at the World Cup? {\image\:{ \pid\: \p02qyp41\ }} As a one of Europe’s smaller capital cities, Vienna offers the best of both worlds: the cultural amenities of a big metropolis with the affordable, well-kept housing of a smaller city. The police helicopter in the region tweeted to say it was making a speedy retreat back to base as lightning struck the area. But when a separate group of raters recruited online looked at the two sets of photos, they made completely the opposite judgment – rating the students as more likeable and attractive in the researcher photos than the selfies. Sydney Barnes (England, 1901-14) That’s why we buy them. One of the greatest African footballers of all time will now travel to Brazil for what may be his last World Cup and a final opportunity to emulate the feats of his childhood hero Roger Milla. It was meant to be a secret Daniel Parejo (Spain) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Sun Yi later estimated he had written about 20 letters in total during his time at Masanjia. The club estimate their failure to qualify for this season's Champions League will cost them between £40m and £60m in reduced revenue for 2020. The final whistle was the cue for more of the violence that has marred the build-up to this fixture, as Russian fans appeared to charge at English supporters behind the goal where Berezutski scored. Byron Harrison replaces Shaquile Coulthirst. The Maritime Heritage Foundation wanted to remove the artefacts. Watch the best shots as Britain's Andy Lapthorne and Australian Dylan Alcott win the first ever Wimbledon quad wheelchair doubles title. The crowds are angry, energetic and hopeful, and are taking matters into their own hands. It is only possible to strip someone of their UK nationality if they are eligible for citizenship elsewhere - and it is thought Ms Begum could be a Bangladeshi citizen because she was born to a mother believed to be Bangladeshi. The report added: It is likely that this disruption will continue for several hours after the procession has ended. We're keen to gauge public opinion on its possible re-positioning and use for such an iconic role. Universities will have to offer fewer places if cuts in tuition fees are not replaced by government money, say leading research universities. The UK's average score for maths was 494 and in reading it was 499, broadly the same as the OECD averages for the subjects and putting the country on a par with nations such as the Czech Republic, France, and Norway. And the most typical time for reaching unicorn status was four years after founding - although there were firms that took up to 30 years to turn into a billion-dollar shaped unicorn. Extravagant haircuts aside, both are convinced anti-Europeans and both are prone to bullying in diplomatic talks. {\image\:{\pid\:\p03xm12m\}} My luggage was on me and they didn't need to wait for me. David W. Government leaders, corporate titans, non-profit and NGO presidents have more than enough tools at their disposal to stay in power and do their thing. View image of Hammerhead sharks are the unlikely animal that bought Laurel and Joerg together (Credit: Credit: Martin Strmiska/Alamy) The people at the hotels have gotten to know me by name. For instance, the Endurance rotates in order to be able to mimic the pull of gravity; Nolan made the ship 211ft (64m) across, which is the bare minimum required to generate the required force.

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Toddler Gymnastics Ideas Weather warnings are in place for much of the country on Friday and Saturday. BBC - Travel - Sydney’s epic arts fest returns Such a referral would be required for a criminal investigation to be considered, a Met spokesman said. David Davies continued: Over the years thousands of people from across the world have visited the memorial garden. Learning how people lived in the past can help them make sense of how we’re living today. In response to the incident, Mr Corbyn tweeted: Owen believes it was politically motivated, and we know the far right is on the march in our country. If you get fed up waiting in line to board, spare a thought for these horses, for whom the process can take between two and four hours. But on Thursday, the British engineers were finally able to lower a completed Aladin laser instrument - together with the telescope it will use to spy the scattered light signal - on to the rest of the satellite. Shirley joked: They are very well behaved. There were very few redeeming features about their play. Inappropriate videos have repeatedly been discovered on the service. It's good to have him back. He has even said they would benefit from having their own nuclear arsenals. All the scores came in the first 34 minutes as Williams broke clear and Beck defied the touchline, while Leigh Halfpenny kicked seven points. In at least one case, someone reported a threat by Mr Sayoc but was told that Twitter's rules had not been broken. Dundee 0-1 Celtic: Odsonne Edouard goal moves leaders 10 points clear - BBC Sport There are nearly 100 clubs to join across the UK and our guide will help you find the one nearest to you. Douglas Costa (Juventus) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Small business group FSB Wales said it understood the decision would cause real dismay within the business community, but it had long-expressed concern about the black route. It has prompted calls for users to learn about flying them near wildlife. Of this, £20m was divvied up among councils for 2018-19, ahead of the UK's exit from the EU, and another £20m was earmarked for 2019-20, seen as a fund to deal with the potentially disruptive effects of a no-deal exit. We put him to the test with a five-question mental arithmetic exam. On the other, there’s the stuff we’re best off not worrying about: a messy, unsearachable space spanning everything from cyber-dissidents to criminals, via paywalls and anonymous networks. So it could be that the separatists feel emboldened. British number two Heather Watson: Assisted by Corey Whitely with a cross. China reviewed its “one-child policy” in 2015 and in 2018 signalled an end to birth restrictions overall by next year. Regan Hendry (Raith Rovers) wins a free kick in the attacking half. As Kenyan journalists we received both praise and criticism for our coverage and indeed there is always room for improvement. Ángel Correa (Atlético de Madrid) header from the centre of the box misses to the right. The Sunday Mirror carries an appeal from the father of a baby boy who needs a transplant. Trudeau apologises for Canada's discrimination against LGBT people But women taking part in expeditions to the far south in those early days was virtually unheard of. the village and beach, owner Helen Morgan said the biggest changes have taken Further water scarcity will negatively affect food production, trigger several diseases and worsen energy shortages which are already constraining development in many African countries, she adds.